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  • Pharmacopeia:CP
  • Shelf Life:3 years
  • Storage:Sealed


 Starch Empty Capsule is an innovative product made from native starch (the main ingredient) with no animal-origin sources added, and its manufacturing process follows the following steps: 1, process the starch plant into starch 2, turn the starch into special starch material (raw material for Starch Empty Capsule ) 3, process the starch material into Starch Empty Capsules by special technology.Starch Empty Capsule is a green, natural and healthy product, which, for its advantage of non-animal origin, is embraced by larger group of users than gelatins, and bears a brighter market prospect.
  ·  No cross-linking reaction
  ·  Available in a wide array of sizes
  ·  Customizable with color and printing
  ·  Good elasticity, breakage-proof, high stability.
  ·  Have gelatin capsules all advantages, so it can replace gelatin capsules
  ·  Natural plant source, non animal source, non-toxic, favorite for vegetarians.

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